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One Minute Plays at Jimmy’s No 43

October 11, 2011

Moments are just that, mere moments – they happen all day and are forgotten, some are more poignant than others and will live longer in our memory.  And to capture one of these moments on paper feels much like chasing a lost bird out of the house.  Frantic and sporadic – then once caught, exhilarating, which is only topped by the relief of the release into the outside world.

These moments actually lived as a series of one minute plays at Jimmy’s no 43, and will again this Sunday at 59E59 St Theater – and as I was sitting at Jimmy’s No 43, reflecting on the evenings presentation while sipping a wonderfully strong Belgium Beer I thought of how wonderful it was to be engulfed by the pic and mix of twelve writers imaginations.

A taste of my own from the evenings festival:

Joining the Line

By Melisa Annis

 Two soldiers.  One lies in the arms of the other.  The able soldier (JAMES) is distraught the wounded soldier  (JOHN) calm as the air around them.


Tell me a story – I’m shitting my self and I need a distraction.



Ok… I’m a fantastic dancer –




Yeah, me!  BEAT Before the draft I just danced.  Tap – won competitions all over.  Did a commercial and all, for a local diner.  You didn’t see my face, just my feet.  No one knew it was me, but I didn’t care – I knew it was me.  And I was good.


I can’t wait to dance again when I get home.  I have a girl…at home…terrible dancer.  Do you dance?




You should learn.  When you dance – it’s as if the whole world outside of that moment stops.  (fading) The clouds move so quickly that your soul spins out of control.


Maybe I can come and see you at one of those competitions.

JOHN (fading even more)

It’s like floating on the air.  Bright and light.  I can hear the rhythm. (taps his fingers on the stage in rhythm.  Suddenly it stops)

Black out

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  1. Michael Annis permalink
    October 25, 2011 4:32 pm

    One Minute Plays = fun stuff !! I was involved in a theater group in Riverside, CA some years ago and we did 5 minute comedy plays at dinner clubs throughout southern California. Always received well and so much fun. It is a great way for young and inexperienced actors to get a taste of theater without a huge time investment.

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