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A Mission…a New Company.

November 4, 2011

This week is all about the mission – the artistic vision behind the company.

It’s all very clear in my head – in fact if you could capture the images in my brain (BFG style) then it would all make perfect sense and I would have no reason to write this post, but to articulate and indeed to write the idea…well… at first it simply didn’t seem possible.

I have been stuck on this all week, couldn’t think of a thing to write – but in listening to Carl tonight (Forsman – the Sherpa of my vision! You will hear much reference to him I’m sure over the next few weeks), I realize that i don’t need to impress anyone with a floral presentation of an idea, I’m no Dylan Thomas, instead I should just be true to the central feeling, the driving force behind the creation of this beast.

There will be much re-drafting of this, but here is my first real attempt of sharing my vision of the company with you. (As i haven’t yet decided on a name yet – the company will be represented by @*&! for now):

  • @*&! Theater is dedicated to telling the stories of a lesser heard voice – the voice of the indigenous, the minority and the marginalized.  We will present the works from regions that are often far from view and celebrate these works by supporting them on their first heroic journey to New York City.  At @*&! Theater we explore the tonality, flavor and fabric of the world because great stories transcend all barriers of race, sex, religion and nationality.  We have all arrived in the United States from somewhere, whether it be yesterday, a generation ago or four hundred years ago – these unknown foreign plays, from sometimes obscure places, contribute to the cultural patchwork that is New York City today.  By introducing audiences to a brand new cultural experience we hope that these works will help us all understand ourselves just a little better.
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  1. November 4, 2011 1:41 pm

    I love the concept!

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