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Being Thankful… and so much To Do.

November 23, 2011

It’s Thanksgiving. 

As some of you may know, I am originally from Wales and only have six years of Thanksgiving experience.  In the beginning I really didn’t understand this holiday, it was too close to Christmas and then there is the whole Indians and Pilgrims living happily ever after thing…

As the years have gone by, I really have come to appreciate Thanksgiving – I was going out to buy sugar today and people seemed quite jolly, an excitement maybe for tomorrow? And of course the wonderful smell of pumpkin pie is always a treat (I actually just finished baking my first!).  Tomorrow will be the day for stuffing; stuffing turkeys and bellies, a day off for most and an opportunity to spend time with either loved ones or at dinner with friends (unless you are one of my bartending friends – then your day will be Friday).

Tomorrow I will also take a day off – no social media workings, paperwork research or plotting…

Today, I make my Five Thousand Mile Theater To-Do List (in no particular order): Completion Deadline: 11/30/11

  • Email Blast: With 1,400 email addresses databased into MailChimp ( and a blog on the go, it’s time to send something to raise some awareness before we move forward with donation hunting.
  • Branding: Five Thousand Mile Theater needs a logo and an identity.
  • Website: Build a website…argh.  No idea where to start!
  • Collaborators: I have already started working on my collaborator list (I will post about collaborators at another time when I understand it better myself) need to continue with this.
  • Structure my “Asks”: Make a first draft plan/time-line for raising money, I have decided to raise $50,000 for the first season (two shows) with the first show opening March 2012. Exciting Stuff!
  • Incorporation: Officially making Five Thousand Mile Theater into a ‘real’ company.
  • Non-For-Profit: Figure this whole thing out.
  • PO Box: Figure out the pros and cons of a PO Box.
  • Stamps: Find a way to get stamps from all over the world…don’t know why yet!

There is a lot more to do, but one step at a time.  Phew!

A big thank you to all who have always inspired me, and for you who gave me the nudge i needed to do this.

Also a shout out to my blogging friends Keen Company, “Lunar Energy” .

Mostly I am thankful for the support of all my friends and family – especially my wonderful husband who listens to me go on and on about Five Thousand Mile Theater everyday!


Five Thousand Mile Theater now has a Facebook Page (why not like us?) as well as a Twitter Account – @5000miletheater – you could follow us too!


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