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It’s 2012!

January 9, 2012

I must confess, it’s been a while! My absence has been a combination of working out the kinks in the master plan, getting through the notes from my ESPA Producing class and making sense of them and of course Nadolig (Christmas) which has managed to takeover three weeks of my life.

Christmas gave no time for reflection, which meant snatching a moment here and there for Five Thousand Mile Theater between shopping, working and spending time with my parents and wonderful husband. In these snatched moments I have managed to approve our new logo (which was blissfully easy), start working on the new website, and started up conversations with a few playwrights about producing a couple of readings this year, one playwright from Wales, and one from Israel… More about this later.

One thing I have learnt over this time however is that now I must prioritize and discipline myself much more if I’m going to raise $26,000 for the first production in March of 2013.

And so to introduce you to our new logo. I am so proud of this, Paul Cremin (originally from Ireland, now living in NY) has truly captured the spirit of the theater company, before we’ve even produced a letter. Thank you Paul. I will post his contact details up for any other budding producers as soon as he gets him site up and running.

Joe Breeden is working on the website for me, and hopefully this will be up and running soon (the site is suffering from Christmas delay syndrome which is purely my fault!).  Thanks Joe for your patience.

Yay... it's becoming more real by the day!

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  1. quenton annis permalink
    January 11, 2012 7:45 am

    GO,GO, The Culture Warriors! and Good Luck in 2012 XXXOOO

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